Real change means a Government which respects taxpayers by spending efficiently and effectively.

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Labour has increased government spending by 70% since 2017. Much of it has been wasted or poorly-targeted spending, and it has helped to drive up inflation and the cost of living.

Despite this massive increase in spending, many government services are actually getting worse.

Under Labour, taxpayer money has been wasted by bungling bureaucrats, including on:

  • Half a billion dollars’ worth of wasted rapid antigen tests
  • $50 million investigating a bike bridge to nowhere
  • Over $380 million per year on first year fees free
  • $1.5 billion per year on corporate welfare
  • A 30% increase in the size of the public service

ACT's solution
for real change

ACT’s fully costed alternative budget reduces spending by $38 billion over four years, without touching frontline services.

ACT will:

  • Reduce the size of the public service to 2017 levels
  • Scrap wasteful and ineffective schemes like the Clean Car Discount and Climate Emergency Response Fund spending
  • Abolish demographic ministries
  • End corporate welfare policies
ACT's Vision
ACT has a vision of a Government which respects taxpayers by spending efficiently and effectively, and a public service focused on delivering core services rather than dreaming up costly and ineffective schemes.
David Seymour
ACT Party Leader
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