It's time to get New Zealand in the fast lane.

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There's now an open question about whether New Zealand's roads have more orange cones or more potholes.

The state of our roads has deteriorated dramatically, but the Government seems to think that fixing damaged roads is a low priority and slowing everyone down is a better solution.

By October 2022, there had been 555 complaints to NZTA about damage to vehicles because of the state of our roads, but NZTA had only compensated four people.

Kiwis have places to be and things to do, and they need safe and well-maintained roads. We hear ya.

Feel like you're travelling slower this summer?

Seven times the length of New Zealand (that’s the distance between Wellington and Mexico!) has been under review for speed limit reductions in the past few years.

NZTA is hellbent is lowering speed limits – they didn’t even perform a cost-benefit analysis when dropping the speed limits from 100km/h to 80km/h in Hawke’s Bay.

Lowering speed limits causes immense frustration for motorists and reduces productivity. Labour is slowing the movement of freight and people rather than looking at opportunities to improve the efficiency of the network.

Time for the Government to sort its priorities out. We hear ya.

New Zealanders are frustrated about how hard it is to get around and get things done or having to pay more for their vehicle because of the ute tax.

ACT hears ya.

We were the only party to vote against the Clean Car Standard and Discount, we have consistently opposed the lowering of speed limits across New Zealand, and we have real solutions to improve the state of New Zealand’s roads.

ACT would:

Whether it’s getting kids to sport practice, getting to work, trucks delivering goods or tradies getting to jobs, people want to be able to move around quickly. New Zealand can’t afford a Government who wages a war on cars.

ACT will keep standing up for Kiwis who have places to be and stuff to do. We need the country to grow, not go slow.