Tax Relief

Real change means serious tax relief for working Kiwis.

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It's wrong for the Government to take so much tax when so many are struggling, and when politicians waste so much of it.

Labour is obsessed with dividing wealth, instead of creating it. It is taking more in tax than ever before.

The income tax system must reward success, sending a message that if you work hard and do well, you get to keep more of your own money.

ACT's solution
for real change

ACT's tax plan will deliver a tax cut to every earner.

ACT would take New Zealand from five tax rates on income down to three over the next few years.

These changes, along with a Low and Middle Income Tax Offset and a Carbon Tax Refund, means that every worker will get tax relief under ACT's plan.

ACT's Vision
ACT has a vision of a society where studying and working hard to get ahead is rewarded, not punished.
David Seymour
ACT Party Leader
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