Law & Order

Real change means putting victims first and holding criminals accountable.

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Crime is out of control. Ram raids, gang violence, smash and grabs, gun crime. Kiwis have had enough.

Labour has:

  • Set targets for reductions in prison numbers but not reductions in victimisations
  • Repealed ACT’s Three Strikes law which kept the worst violent criminals off the streets
  • Seen gang numbers increasing at over double the rate of the Police
  • Facilitated a catch-and-release youth justice system with no consequences for many young offenders

Labour has created a culture of lawlessness by sending a clear message to criminals that they do not believe in consequences for abhorrent criminal behaviour. Under Labour, victims feel forgotten about and criminals feel empowered.

ACT's solution
for real change

There need to be swift and serious consequences for offending in our communities.

No party has released more policy to tackle crime than ACT.

ACT would:

  • Invest in safer communities by increasing the number of prison beds
  • Bring back Three Strikes to keep the worst reoffenders off the streets
  • Provide the ability to lock up serious youth offenders with the construction of 200 new youth justice beds under the management of Corrections, not Oranga Tamariki
  • Set the IRD on the gangs, the same way they got Al Capone
  • Restrict the use of electronic bail, while dropping the target for lower prison numbers
  • Focus prisons on rehabilitating illiterate and innumerate prisoners to break the cycle of reoffending
ACT's Vision
ACT has a vision of a society where Kiwis feel safe on their streets, where criminals do not feel empowered to brazenly offend in broad daylight, and where victims are put at the centre of the Government’s response.
Nicole McKee
ACT MP and Justice Spokesperson
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