New Zealand's education system needs to be world-class again

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New Zealand’s proud history of educational achievement is in decline, as kids stop attending class and standards are being lowered across the board.

In Term 2 of this year, 60% of students did not attend regularly. It gets worse by decile, with only 23% of Decile 1 attending regularly. In Northland, only 28% of all students attend regularly.

This is a truancy crisis. Almost every aspect of someone's adult life will be defined by the education they receive as a child. If we want better social outcomes, we need real solutions.

Teachers are also being told to focus on everything but the basics of numeracy and literacy, and any sort of choice in education is snuffed out by bureaucrats who want a one size fits all system.

A good education is the most important thing kids need if they’re to grow up to have a fulfilling life as contributing members of society.

ACT would: