It's time to cut the red tape

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The pressure and uncertainty that has been heaped on businesses in the past few years is unsustainable.

It’s time to cut the red tape, put the power back in the hands of employers and let businesses do business again. We need these changes to make society productive again and to let businesses thrive.

Our country is in real danger of slipping away from first world status. Former communist countries that we used to feel sorry for are overtaking us. Our wages are falling further behind countries like Australia and the UK.

Labour has piled on regulations that are making it harder to do business. It’s tougher to find workers, more expensive to pay them, and materials have exploded in price. We hear ya.

Kiwis want to grow their businesses and employ more people. That’s how we grow the entire economy.

ACT hears ya.

ACT says it's time for some relief for businesses.

ACT would: