Sick of feeling unsafe in your community?

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Crime is out of control. Whether it's smash and grabs, ram raids or carjackings, Kiwis have had enough.

We all remember a time when New Zealand felt safe, and when our children could play in the streets with no fear of being caught up in gang violence.

Now, we hear stories daily of young offenders smashing stolen cars through shop-fronts, of families awoken at night by gang shootings, and of people afraid to go out on the streets of their home.

Labour has created a culture of lawlessness by sending a clear message to criminals that they do not believe in consequences for abhorrent criminal behaviour.

At a time when gun crime and gang tensions were skyrocketing, Labour repealed ACT’s Three Strikes law, ensuring that the worst repeat offenders could get off easy.

Kiwis want those victimising their neighbourhoods to face consequences, and ACT hears ya.

Kiwis feel less safe than ever before.

ACT hears ya.

ACT has a vision of a country where those victimising others must face consequences for their actions, and the victims must be taken care of.

ACT would:

No party has released more policy to tackle crime than ACT.