Hardworking Kiwis are feeling squeezed from all directions

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Everything is getting more expensive, and once-comfortable families are finding themselves struggling to make ends meet.

Kiwis get much less in their trolley than they did a year ago, with eye-popping receipts for their weekly shops.

Inflation is caused by too much money chasing after too few goods. Years of Labour’s reckless borrowing and spending at the same time as anti-productive economic restriction have cemented record inflation as a reality for Kiwis.

Hardworking families are having to tighten their purse strings while Labour spends hundreds of millions on middle-managers and unnecessary pet projects. Only ACT has a practical plan to rein in wasteful government spending and make sure money gets where it’s needed most.

We hear ya.

Frontline services not bureaucratic middle managers? We hear ya!

ACT is the only party that has released a fully costed Alternative Budget. ACT’s Alternative Budget for Real Change shows how the Government could reduce spending without touching any frontline service, and then deliver significant tax cuts to middle income New Zealanders.

ACT shows how expenditures could be reduced by $7.2 billion with measures including an end to corporate welfare and reversing the 30% bloat to the public service delivered by Labour.

Want more money in your back pocket? We hear ya!

$0 - $70,000

ACT’s lower, flatter tax plan would deliver a tax cut for every earner. A Nurse with one child, for example, earning $70,000 would receive around $2,300 in tax relief under ACT’s plan.

People earning between $2,000 and $48,000 will get a Low and Middle Income Tax Offset of up to $800 that offsets the additional $980 paid in income tax. They will also receive an additional $253 in carbon tax refunds for every person in their household, leaving them with more money in their back pocket. ACT’s tax swap leaves everybody better off.